Cleaning out…

Currently, I’m sitting on the floor of my library and trying and failing at sorting my bookish stuff.

Before, I was very hesitant to use a lot of stuff because I kept thinking ‘what if I’m going to need it for a picture someday?’

It turns out, I don’t even know what I own anymore. Like, I don’t want to throw out stuff because I might need it for that day I’m finally going to take up scrapbooking. Or for that bullet journal I keep dreaming about.

And I know that technically this post is just me procrastinating, but let’s say it was for a good reason ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s been up? I’ve gotten some boxes but I haven’t really been feeling uo to unboxing them. Which is a shame for all the great boxes that you could be buying. Trust me, though. There are a lot of grwat unboxings out there.

Maybe my slump is just an annual thing. I think it was last year I struggled to bookstagram and blog as well.

Oh well.

I should probably get back to cleaning out now. But let me leave you with my february boxes.

Discount code, YaY!

Full Disclosure: I’m not a representative of the box, but I will recieve a free box for every sixth person who signs up to bookboxclub using my code MAJA17

Are you a reader?

Do you like Bookboxes?

Are you interested in joining an online Bookclub?

If you can answer yes to anyโ€”or allโ€”of the above, then you’re my kind of person. Let’s be besties. ๐Ÿ˜„

You might have seen my massive unboxing post A Year With Bookboxclub and contemplated whether you should try it out.

Obviously, I think you should. And as another incentive, you can use MAJA17 for a discount on your first box. This is a code you can use whenever you want if you see a theme that you like.

So why am I sharing this now?

Because the December box sounds so amazing that I’ll think you’ll regret not getting it if you miss out. So let me tell you about it:

The theme is “WINTER FAIRYTALES” and will include the two first books in a fantasy series that’s described as perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Laini Taylor and Naomi Novik.

The first book is recently released in paperback, while the sequel doesn’t come out in the UK until January 2018.

After reading, you’ll have the opportunity to join the bookboxclub exclusive clubhouse for a chat with the author. In the box you’ll recieve a lovely scrolled invitation with a date and time.

That sounds amazing, right? BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE:

Apart from the two books, you’ll also recieve a wonderful selection of goodies and swag. For example, one of the amazingly talented suppliers will be T. J. Lubrano! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

^Two of my favorite designs by TJ.

All of this, is of course not free. The box costs ยฃ27.99 which includes shipping in the UK. They do ship worlwide, though. And depending on where you live, the shipping cost will be between ยฃ12.50 to ยฃ18.15.

Of course it will be just a tad cheaper if you use MAJA17. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The book is of course a surprise, BUT if you’re curious, you can try messaging me on my instagram or on Facebook, and I’ll give you my guess. (no guarantees, but I’m 99% certain)

Edit: there’s only a limited number of boxes, so you definitely want to get in there fast for this one.

Anywho, have a lovely day. โค๏ธ

When life gives you books…

Okay, so… My life technically didn’t give me books. I kinda sorta maybe happened to order them myself.

Alas, despite the increasingly lack of space, I’ve concluded that I probably won’t want to stop any time soon. Yeah. #SorryNotSorry ๐Ÿ˜†

So what’s been going on over here? Well…

Apart from the 21 books I’ve hauled in the first week of September (I know, right? The restraint I have is astonishing), I’ve also finally gotten my August Fairyloot box. It was kinda late, but I’m certain they’ve learned from this experience.

What else…?

Right! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I also got my hands on the GORGEOUS UK harback of Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I’m so ready for the box to arrive so I can properly celebrate.

Speaking of boxes… I’M SO EXCITED, because both my very first book loot and my very first owlcrate has shipped. Unfortunately, one of them is stuck in customs so… That sucks. But I’m sure it’ll be worth it. โค๏ธ

And how am I doing with the reading challenge? SO glad you asked. I’ve just now finished Graceling by Kristin Cashore, which means that next up: Hero by Perry Moore.

Have you read it? I found it on a list of LGBTQA+ reads, so how could I resist? Excited is an understandment.

Oh. And also: MY TILL & DILL BOOKMARK COLLECTION IS COMPLETE. I now claim the title of their รœber fan. ๐Ÿ‘‘

I will show it to you soon enough.

So… That’s what’s been going on here. I’m still waiting for a ton of bookmail, including signed Julie Esbaugh books that I bid on in an auction. Exciting, right? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

How’s you? Any hauls? Latest read? A recommendation? Don’t be a stranger. โค๏ธ