Cover reveal: Before the Broken Star by Emily R King

You might know her from her “The hundredth Queen” series, but now she’s opening up for a whole new world.

Before the Broken Star

Series: The Evermore Chronicles

Author: Emily R. King


Publishing Date: June 1, 2019
Genres: YA Fantasy


Preorder: Amazon


Everley Donovan is living on borrowed time. The lone survivor of her family’s unexplained assassination, she was saved by an ingeniously crafted clockwork heart. But the time she was given won’t last forever. Now, every tick-tock reminds her how fragile her existence is and hastens her quest to expose Killian Markham, the navy admiral who shattered her world and left her for dead. But Everley’s hunt for justice will be a long and hard-won voyage.

Her journey takes her to a penal colony on a cursed isle, where she will be married off and charged to build the new world. It is here, and beyond, that hidden realms hide, treasures are unearthed, her family secrets are buried, and young love will test the strength of her makeshift heart. When Everley discovers Markham may not be who he seems, her pursuit for truth is bound to his redemption, her tragic history, and her astonishing destiny.

Emily R. King


Emily R. King is a reader of everything and a writer of fantasy. Born in Canada and raised in the USA, she has perfected the use of “eh” and “y’all” and uses both interchangeably. Shark advocate, consumer of gummy bears, and islander at heart, Emily’s greatest interests are her four children. She’s a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and an active participant in her local writers’ community. She lives in Northern Utah with her family and their cantankerous cat.

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I thought wrong…

I thought that buying my own domain name would invite me to blog more frequently… Clearly, I thought wrong. To be fair, though: I’m without my laptop for the time being, and it would seem that I find typing and setting up reviews easier on interwebs than on phone. Gotta have easy access to my cute little copy paste from goodreads.

In all honesty, though. I’ve been neglecting both my blog and bookstagram. Which kinda saddens me because I loved them SO much. I hope I can return to both soon.

In other news, I’m tackling the Falling Kingdoms series. I’m about to start the third now, and I have the fourth and fifth secured on my shelf. My big problem, however, is the fact that the sixth and final book won’t be ordered until July. So here’s to hoping I don’t run dry in the meantime.

What have you been up to?

Cleaning out…

Currently, I’m sitting on the floor of my library and trying and failing at sorting my bookish stuff.

Before, I was very hesitant to use a lot of stuff because I kept thinking ‘what if I’m going to need it for a picture someday?’

It turns out, I don’t even know what I own anymore. Like, I don’t want to throw out stuff because I might need it for that day I’m finally going to take up scrapbooking. Or for that bullet journal I keep dreaming about.

And I know that technically this post is just me procrastinating, but let’s say it was for a good reason 😀

What’s been up? I’ve gotten some boxes but I haven’t really been feeling uo to unboxing them. Which is a shame for all the great boxes that you could be buying. Trust me, though. There are a lot of grwat unboxings out there.

Maybe my slump is just an annual thing. I think it was last year I struggled to bookstagram and blog as well.

Oh well.

I should probably get back to cleaning out now. But let me leave you with my february boxes.

I haven’t really been feeling it…

YESTERDAY was April 1st, and my chosen April’s Fools was to exclaim that I’m giving up books.

Obviously, nobody believed that.

What really gets me, though… Is that I haven’t been feeling that itch lately.

No, not the gross itch, but that feeling… You know… The one which usually makes me wake up early in the night on pay day, just to check out on several book orders I’ve been collecting in my basket on amazon, awesomebooks and several bookbox sites.

And that is concerning for me. I don’t even want to take pictures or blog. Like, I want to have it done, but the excitement for unboxings or bookstagram has been partly ruined.

So what’s a girl to do?

My plan is to upload small posts on here, explaining how I’m doing so far, and hopefully, the greatness will come back.

So what update do I have for you today?

I’m reading Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw, which was the chosen book for the February bookboxclub. It’s a sort of dark dystopia which is really good, byt also affects me a lot.

What are you reading?

It’s 2018!

First of all, Happy New Year.

On my end, I have a headache. Today is just… Staying in bed, snuggling beneath my duvet and cozying up with my current read.

Needless to say, I’ve been forced to admit that my days of reckless partying are over. 🙁

But instead of mourning that, I’ll take pleasure in knowing that no party, means far less hungover reading.

2017 was a… crap year in so many ways.

And yet, it also introduced quite a few minor successes that made it all bearable. Friends. Books. Authors. Etc. Apart from my family, 2017 definitely mostly consisted of the bookish community. No complaints there.

So what about 2018?

I want to:

  • Beat The Backlist — I have so many backlist titles that I’m gonna do my darnest to not buy any newer books. (bookboxes don’t count, don’t be silly)
  • Aim for 100 books this year — I didn’t quite reach it in 2017, but that’s not gonna stop me.
  • Try to blog and review and bookstagram more.

So that’s my bookish plans so far.

What’s yours?

Do publishers not care about mental illness?

Okay, so… This will be salty. Fair warning. It will also be deeply personal. And probably a bit rambly.

It stems from the fact that thr other day I got a beautiful book in the mail. It was a highly anticipated sequel.

But it was promptly ruined when I tried placing it on the shelf. You see, for some unexplainable reason, the publisher decided to make them different sizes.

You may be sitting there wondering if I’m overreacting, and you might be right. But I am so tired of this happening to me.

Now, why would this be such a problem for me? Because I’m diagnosed with a very mild form of OCD.

No, I’m not a “neat freak”, a “perfectionist” or any of the other completely rude words often thrown in my face. I have the diagnosis. I have the symptoms, and I feel the physical discomfort when I ignore the urge to act on it. I can’t just “relax”, because I’m physically unable to do just that.

Are you aware how many different ways you can organise a bookshelf?

Height, author, title, genre, publisher, publication year, format, series, standalones, rainbow, sub genre etc.

I’ve been through them all, and only separating formats, then height, then author, then series has eased my mind enough to relax when I’m in the room.

So what do I do with mismatched series? I hide them. Legit. I stuff them on the bottom shelf, out of sight. When I have friends over, or I take a shelfie to share online? The mismatched books are never on there.

That’s a promotional fail on publishers part.

And the worst part? It’s not the physical symptoms. It’s not the knowledge that I spent money on something that essentially will bring me discomfort.

No, the worst part is that I feel bad.

I feel guilty for deliberately hiding the books. I feel guilty towards the authors, the cover designers, and even the publishers who are at fault in the first place.

So I end up buying the right editions, hoping the online retailer have labelled it correctly.

Is that the end game? To make me feel guilty enough to buy duplicates?

If so, that’s a big slap in the face to anyone who suffers from mental illnesses.

So here’s my proposal:

Since you all love your different heights and editions, then name them. In the same way beds are named King, Queen, Single and Double.

Don’t call a mass market paperback a “paperback”. Don’t call and indie published book a “paperback”. And don’t call five different sizes of hardcovers the same thing.

It’s thoughtless.

Show that you care about your readers. Your customers.

Please share this if you’re tired of this, as well. And feel free to comment your own thoughts below.

Note: I’m well aware that there are other forms of mental ilnesses, and many different variants of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that doesn’t match my own. If I offended you, triggered you or in any way harmed you, please shoot me an email at and I will amend it to the best of my ability.

I’m an international reader, and I don’t matter.

TL;DR: Publishers, netgalley, goodreads and amazon sends all us international readers, bloggers and fans this festive message:

It sucks being international when it comes to the bookish community online. It always has been, but even more now—especially now.

Before I start in on my longer rant/ventilation piece/opinions on the subject, I’d like to clarify a few things:

  • I live in Denmark. We have few book cons, all limited to Danish publishers.
  • I’m unemployed, mentally ill and queer with a severe anxiety to top it off.
  • English falls more naturally to me than Danish.
  • I buy a lot of books. Like, a lot.

With those few things out of the way, I will talk about just a few of the ways I just got slapped across my face.

Yes, you read that right: ACROSS MY FACE.

I’ve been online a while. First, I was deeply ingrained into the writing community on wattpad. Then I joined instagram and discovered bookstagram. Finally, I realized that I ramble too much to stay within yhe character limits in captions and got myself this little blog.

All of that, has accumulated over 30k followers across the medias (mostly on wattpad) which are from all over the world.

And while I’m not the biggest, nor the most talented, I believe in my own little corner of the community. We are close, we trust each others opinions and we help each other spread the word worldwide.

Now this is being taken away from us. Let’s do this in alphabetical order:


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Goodreads started the holiday mood by announcing that:

  • Authors will now have to pay between $109 to $600 in order to host a giveaway—that they already pay and ship themselves.
  • These Giveaways will only include US residents as winners.
  • If you’re an international author, you may also give away your book the winner will stilk be a US resident, though.

For more information in this, please check out:

There’s quite a few ways this will affect everyone. Indie and self publisher authors will not have the kind of money to enter. This means that the giveaways will fall largely on the major house that already controls a lot of the market.

Why is that bad? Because it will severely limit the outreach of diverse books—and in particular own voice authors who are already struggling to get a foot in.

It will affect the readers across the world who needs diverse books. And frankly, that’s just a dick bad move on Goodreads part.

I mean, Goodreads boasts of being “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.

How long do you think that’ll last? I mean, so far the only thing this has accomplished is for me to want to leave GR alltogether.


Now onto Netgalley. There has been no actual statement as of yet, but if you are on Netgalley, you will see that there’s almost next to no “request this” buttons any longer. Instead, you are stuck with a “wish for it” button which leaves you at the mercy of the publisher’s very own Santa.

I personally stopped using Netgalley when I got truly into bookstagramming because it was easier to showcase physical books. This doesn’t mean that I support this decision. Quite the opposite, actually.

It’s not even about getting the books for free either. It’s about promotion. It’s about sharing a love for books, and Netgalley’s stunt is basically rendering that impossible unless yoi happen to be born in the US.


Don’t worry, this is old news really but I felt it warranted a mention.

I have had it up to here with your poor excuses for not including international readers in your giveaways, your review team and your preorder incentives.

I realise that the people controlling the social medias aren’t in charge, but the “sorry, legal rights” just don’t cut it.

I see you go to book cons across the world and hand ARCS out. I recieve the emails from your international marketings team. I follow international bloggers, bookstagrammers and booktubers who recieves gift baskets filled with exclusive swag, new edition covers, and it just pisses me off that you can spend that much on a limited promotion, but not on a single giveaway that could include international fans?

We buy, promote and review your books—often combined with a shipping cost that completely kicks our butts just so we can support our faves.

We wanna help with preorders to give debuts and new releases a good start. And what do we get? Nothing. Apart from the fact that we almost never get the books on time for the release, all the swag and merch are just out of reach unless we pay big bucks for something that you are giving away for free in US, UK, AUS and CA.

Yeah, I gotta admit. It sucks being an international reader right now. Because we don’t matter.

Disclaimer: I’m super bitter about this, and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. Feel free to comment your thoughts below and as always, shares and likes are appreciated.