I haven’t really been feeling it…

YESTERDAY was April 1st, and my chosen April’s Fools was to exclaim that I’m giving up books.

Obviously, nobody believed that.

What really gets me, though… Is that I haven’t been feeling that itch lately.

No, not the gross itch, but that feeling… You know… The one which usually makes me wake up early in the night on pay day, just to check out on several book orders I’ve been collecting in my basket on amazon, awesomebooks and several bookbox sites.

And that is concerning for me. I don’t even want to take pictures or blog. Like, I want to have it done, but the excitement for unboxings or bookstagram has been partly ruined.

So what’s a girl to do?

My plan is to upload small posts on here, explaining how I’m doing so far, and hopefully, the greatness will come back.

So what update do I have for you today?

I’m reading Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw, which was the chosen book for the February bookboxclub. It’s a sort of dark dystopia which is really good, byt also affects me a lot.

What are you reading?

3 thoughts on “I haven’t really been feeling it…

  1. The Book Chatter says:

    I get what you’re saying. I just feel overwhelmed atm with school and work and keeping up on all the platforms I’m currently juggling. It’s hard to then, if the feeling and “itch” starts fading a little. But we’ll get through it. 😀

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