When it comes to blogging…

So, my blog is a bookblog. I don’t know if you’d guessed that yet, but in case there was any doubt: I’m all about the books.

But, lately I’ve been thinking about all the parts of me that’s not about books. Like, I don’t dress bookish. I would if I felt that I had the body and the money for it. Alas, I don’t.

But also my mental health issues. It’s not something I shout about at any given opportunity, but it’s not exactly a secret. So when that prevents me from enjoying the many bookish parts of my life, what should I do?

Two years ago, my favorite game was “bookshelf tetris”. Every week—sometimes more often—I would reorganise my books. Now I get exhausted before even starting. Granted, there are few more books now.

So yeah. I’ve been struggling a bit with these thoughts lately. How to turn them bookish enough to feature on #bookishtalk, but I’ve come to the conclusion tgat it’s my blog. So I suppose I can put anything I want here.

Or, I can reason myself into believing that my non bookish life actually belongs in bookish talks when it prevents me from enjoying my bookish life.

Yeah, I kinda confused myself there too…

What are you currently reading?

7 thoughts on “When it comes to blogging…

  1. pageafterpagebookblog says:

    I feel like it’s YOUR blog. And although many of your followers are bookish, you’ll probably find that a lot of us (myself included) would love to see that you’re human; that you struggle from time to time, that you have a life outside of books, because a lot of us can relate. I say post what you want ❤️ You might gain an even bigger audience. #mentalhealthmonday Something like that.

    Now for your question. I just finished The Law of Moses today and hopefully I’ll be starting T. R. Ragan’s Deadly Recall tomorrow.

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    • MajaDiana says:

      Ohh. I like that idea. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my blog is my platform, and once in a while I may be in a sort of slump in life, and it’s completely okay for me to mention it here. I mean, as you said, it’s okay to show that I’m human. 🙂 thank you very much.

      I haven’t heard of any of those but I like their titles. Anything you’d recommend?


      • pageafterpagebookblog says:

        I recommend both actually. T. R. Ragan writes suspense/thrillers and Amy Harmon, who wrote The Law of Moses is phenomenal. I’m not even sure what genre her books fall under. Adult fiction, romance etc A little of everything.

        I’m glad you’re going to use your platform to express yourself ❤️ I’m convinced we’re all slightly mentally exhausted and stressed from time to time and we feel alone until we realize that someone else is going through something very similar.

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  2. B.R. Kyle says:

    Right now, I’m struggling to get through my Quarterly Reading List, but I think I’ll finish Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke. The thing is I’ve also been struggling to read as well, it seems like I have no motivation or energy, so I tried reading a different format. As a result, I’ve been reading a lot of graphic novels and audio-books, as much as I want to tackle my ebook and paperback TBR pile, there’s no point trying to force yourself to read. I hope your situation improves 🙂

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    • MajaDiana says:

      It’s not about reading as such. I very much still enjoy that. It’s more… All the extra parts. The blogging. The bookstagram. The talking about books online. The reviews etc. All tiny things I’ve made a part of me by now and without them I just feel bleh

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      • B.R. Kyle says:

        Fair enough, if it doesn’t make you happy, cut back on it. I’m terrible at Bookstagram stuff, so I just decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle. If you find the promotion aspect difficult, you can use stuff like If This Than That or Buffer to automatically share your stuff on social media.


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