Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa

Talon by Julie Kagawa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Talon is the first book in The Talon Saga by Julie Kagawa.

Rating: 4 stars

Ember Hill is not good at being a dragon—at least not the kind of dragon that Talon wants her to be. She longs for the freedom that humans seems to take for granted. Ember and her twin brother, Dante, are placed among humans to finish their training to determine what their future will hold. There, she befriends teenagers who introduces Ember to summer, surf and first love. Soon enough she finds herself stuck in a love triangle between a human soldier, who is determined to kill her and her kind, and a rogue dragon, who wants to take her away from everything she knows. All while she discovers that Talon might not be everything they seem to be.

My opinion:

To be absolutely honest, I liked the idea of the premise better than the actual plot. It had so much potential, and while I still enjoyed it, it fell short of what it could have been.

Ember is designed to be physically appealing to humans. Despite the fact that her true form is an over-sized, fire breathing lizard with red scales, she somehow still manages to fit in with humans. Obviously, she knows some tricks because, I am an actual human, and I don’t fit in that well.

There were plenty of things that I think could have been improved, but I’m going to focus on the things that worked for me:

❤ Garret ❤
^No really, he was the sole reason I bumped this up from a 3 star rating. Garret is an orphan who is raised as a soldier in the Order of St. George. His sole mission is to eradicate dragons from the face of earth, and he’s the soldier chosen to snuff out whether Ember and Dante are dragons. He was written with a stiffness—a numbness really—to the world that made him very single minded. It was a joy to see him attempt to socialise, and subsequently, fall in love with Ember.

It might not have been apparent, but I am totally #TeamGarret.

Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me, but I kinda liked that they were on opposite sides but despite all they fit together like beautiful small puzzle pieces. (And I know I said it was a love triangle, but I have erased that aspect in my mind because I refuse to see it as an option)

Apart from Garret who stole my heart, I also enjoyed Dante, Ember’s twin, a lot.

Where Ember was bad at following orders, Dante followed orders far better. I wish there had been more sibling moments, but I appreciated what there was.

Of course, this story was made up of much more, but somehow I can’t recall them well enough to describe it in detail. Despite it’s, in my opinion, shortcomings, Talon was an enjoyable read. And while it might not be one of my favorite books, I fully intend to keep reading on.

Recommended for:

I recommend this for YA lovers who wants to dip their toes into an urban fantasy, without committing to an extensive world building.

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