Rainbow bookbox unboxing January 2018

It’s been a while since I unboxed anything. To be honest, it took too much time from everything else. But now I’m back, so I’m celebrating by showing off this brand new bookbox.


Rainbow Bookbox is a new UK based bookbox with a special focus on diverse reads. It’s similar in price to many of the others, but I got my box at a special introductory price.

Here it is:

The first thing I noticed is the lack of a spoiler card / content card. These are super useful to making sure you’re not missing an item + great extra promotion for the suppliers involved.

I hope this is something Rainbow Bookbox will change in the future.

The theme was “Light, Camera, Action” and came with a book written by a PoC author.

“Love, Hate and other Filters” by Samira Ahmed is an #ownvoices coming of age debut about an Indian-American muslim teen. I’ve seen mixed reviews, but the majority seems to agree that this was just one of many portrayals we need in publishing. I’m eager to check it out.

Alongside the book, there was a delicious scented candle from bookish burns, a bubblebar and a keyring.

Extras included an interview with the author, and a promotional bookmark of another diverse read.

The verdict:

The items all seem like high quality, but with that said, it didn’t feel like I got a lot of bang for my buck.

I realize that the box is just starting out, but had I not gotten the special introductory price, I would have been saddened.

Rainbow Bookbox also sent out a preview box which I checked out before ordering. Considering that the standard, I was eager to try out the box. The preview box, however, included four items and a hardcover book.

So a paperback and three items doesn’t seem up to the same standard.

Nevertheless, the idea is amazing, and I wish Rainbowbookbox all the luck going forward.

What do you think of the contents? Did you get the box? Do you want to try it out?

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