Review: Demonic Dora by Claire Chilton

Demonic Dora by Claire Chilton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

★ ★ ★ ★ – Kept me interested all through and I liked it.

I received a Review Copy by the author in return for an honest review.

“Demonic Dora” is the first in a paranormal series intended for young adults.

Dora’s dad is a widely popular TV preacher, worshipped by almost everyone—except Dora.

When she accidentally summons a Demon, her life literally goes to hell. With only the good-looking, slightly pervy, Kieron on her side, she has to maneuver the underworld as a living person.

I am probably the biggest fangirl of the cover-art for this series. It’s just… I love it.

But more important than the cover, is the words inside. As with so many books, there were things I liked, but there were also things I disliked. While reading, I jotted down some of the highlights of the book.

– Kieron, the hot demon guy, is adorable in a sorta dorky way. It is entirely plausible that he has no idea how to act around a human—let alone a girl. I just adored as he fumbled through his awkward tries at seducing Dora. It was amusing and sweet.

– Pooey, a pet-like demon, is like a poo-colored twin to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I want one—nay, I want ten.

– Dora, the Main Character, was pretty badass for a heroine. There are some attempts at being a badass that didn’t sit well with me, but I could ignore those moments and enjoy her character completely.

– Kieron’s Mother, a bipolar demon. I loved her. If you’ve seen “Hotel Transylvania” you know that Count Dracula sometimes gets all red when he’s angry. I kept imagining Kieron’s mother exactly like that.

The plot was my favorite part. If I ignore the hot demon guy, and the adorable pet, then I am still left with a book explaining—quite humorously—how sometimes it feels good to be a little bad. And vice versa.

With that in mind, there were some things that bumped this book down from a five-star, to a four-star for me.

– At some point in the start of the story, Dora is captured to be burned on the stake by her parents. I am aware that this is the event that sets off Dora’s adventure to hell, but it was just brushed off too fast for me. The witch trials were a horrible thing, and even though I can see the irony in Dora being burned because she stole some snacks, then it would have more sense for me if it was because she was harboring a demon in closet. Maybe that’s just me, though.

– There is a lot of shitty humor. And not in the sense that it was bad, but in the sense that is was basically poop jokes. While I could find some humor in a few of the examples, I found myself completely thrown off at some off the other.

And that’s actually it. It annoyed me, but it didn’t ruin the book for me in any way, and I am super excited to read the rest of this series.

I would recommend this for: People who enjoy a bit of dark humor, some paranormal fun, some hell-ish adventures, and who loved Eeyore. It’s not a complicated read, but rather light all through.

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