It’s 2018!

First of all, Happy New Year.

On my end, I have a headache. Today is just… Staying in bed, snuggling beneath my duvet and cozying up with my current read.

Needless to say, I’ve been forced to admit that my days of reckless partying are over. πŸ™

But instead of mourning that, I’ll take pleasure in knowing that no party, means far less hungover reading.

2017 was a… crap year in so many ways.

And yet, it also introduced quite a few minor successes that made it all bearable. Friends. Books. Authors. Etc. Apart from my family, 2017 definitely mostly consisted of the bookish community. No complaints there.

So what about 2018?

I want to:

  • Beat The Backlist β€” I have so many backlist titles that I’m gonna do my darnest to not buy any newer books. (bookboxes don’t count, don’t be silly)
  • Aim for 100 books this year β€” I didn’t quite reach it in 2017, but that’s not gonna stop me.
  • Try to blog and review and bookstagram more.

So that’s my bookish plans so far.

What’s yours?

11 thoughts on “It’s 2018!

  1. Books and Lemon Squash says:

    I’m aiming for 100 as well, and hoping to buy less than I read (off to a good start, just pre ordered 13 books oooooops), to stay on top of net galleys (and probably request less), and read and donate some of the books I only hung onto this time around cause I’d not read them yet. Time will tell how all that goes lol

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