My Bookishland Box experience

It’s no secret that I am a huge book box fan. I’m bookishaddicted after all.

So I try a lot of bookish boxes. Not every box is a complete hit, of course. Some have themes I’m not fond of, some include fandoms I’m not in. And it happens that I get a duplicate book.

So imagine my joy, when I find a box where I can, not only choose my own theme, but also the book? 😍

Ohhh, right?

My request was fairly simple: I wanted An Enchantment of Ravens and the theme should be Fairies, since that’s what appears in the book, as well.

Bookishland claims to offer a unique hand decorated box with a selection of handmade and exclusive goodies. Imagine the possibilities of this.

Furthermore, my order confirmation clearly states in very simple terms what I’ve ordered.

And for that price 70€ (with a 2€ discount, though) I kinda expect to be dazzled. I expected a box that I could proudly display on my shelves alongside all of the others. I expected a good not damaged book with some cool fairy-like items.

But… I didn’t get that. At all. Instead, the box I recieved looked like this:

^Not exactly fairy themed.

^Maybe there’s a fairy with some striped socks who really likes pumpkins?

^Ah, okay. Nevermind then.

Confused, I opened the box, and the very first item I saw was the book. It was wrapped in brown paper, and I eagerly opened it. And… well… The book was the right one.

However, in the middle of the cover was a scratch where the cover was literally scratched off, and the dust cover was bent.

I’d like to say, that I’m not super hung up on used or slightly damaged books. I know that accidents can happen during shipping, but come on… The book was wrapped. There was no tear on the paper. So… I’m allowed to be disappointed, right? Especially because of the price.

Already disappointed, I unboxed the rest, wondering what fairy items would be included. I mean, it was a pretty wide theme. Expecting anything from Tinkerbell to Sarah J Maas, I hoped that these exclusive and handmade items would improve the box, just a bit.

Instead, this is what I got:

^A handrawn card with a pumpkin man and ghosts.

^A flower headband with a black veil

^A glass bottle with some used pistachio shells and what I assume is purple potpourri.

^A candle (made in china)

^A hand made wooden bookmark with a chipped edge.

^Some pop rocks? O_o

^And a pumpkin totebag, which at first I thought was handmade, but by closer inspection is probably storebought at like a french equivalent of a dollar-store.

All in all, this was what my 68€ got me:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I was not satisfied.

Halloween might have spread to Denmark’s stores, but it is not a holiday I celebrate at all. I’m a horrible chicken and generally steer clear of everything even remotely horror-ish. Like, I recognized her theme as “I put a spell on you” from Hocus Pocus, and specifically didn’t order that box.

So I reach out to the owner on instagram, politely of course, and ask if a mistake has been made.

I would show you the reply, but unfortunately I can’t because I don’t have access to the messages after the owner blocked me. However, the gist of it was this:

The owner said that the book had been fine when shipped so the damage would have happened during shipping. – Not sure how, since it was wrapped within a box, that was wrapped within a box. But fair enough.

That she does not accept returns – this is also stated in her Terms of Service that I read through, just in case. – It specifically mentions personalised items, which my order should have been.

That she’d been in the hospital for a month, so someone else had handled my order. – At this point I was like: Wut? because how can she say my book wasn’t damaged if she didn’t handle it? But okay… It was written in a broken english and I figured it might be a fault in translation.

That she could give me a discount on the next box. – This seems to be a standard response, really. But considering that I paid 68€ for what adds up to a damaged book, I’m not exactly keen to order another box. Ever. That’s a lot of money, and it didn’t even SEEM like she’d tried to fullfill my order.

So I tell her that I won’t have money to spend on another box, so maybe a partial refund would work for us both. She says that she’ll think up a solution. Then I ease up. Wishes her good health and agrees to wait until she can figure a solution. I figure she’d get back to me relatively fast since she said she had to talk to her work and then get back to me. So I wait.

Then… Nothing.

The above conversation happened Wednesday. I write to her again Friday, asking if she’s home from hospital. To which she answers not yet.

So I wait again.

Luls it over for myself, and tries to ease her troubles by thinking up a solution that seems fair for both of us.

I take the Retail Price on the back of the book 15€ and considers the candle for maybe 5€, then add a reasonable shipping price (Parcels sent with Lettermail is roughly 13€ for a parcel up to 2kg worldwide in Denmark) and suggest that she can refund me 30€ for the items that I didn’t order. I ask if this would seem okay to her, and if not if she has any suggestions.

To which I get this response:

I respond again, explaining that I did not order the Halloween box, and begs her to at least work with me to figure out a solution.

And that’s when she blocks me. No response. Just… gone. I look at her account and all I see is this:

I could have passed off the box as an honest mistake. I could have been satisfied with a partial refund. But that block? To me, it just proves that the owner had no intention to work it out with me, so apart from wasting my money, she also wasted my time with excuses.

Tomorrow I’ll be filing a dispute with my bank, providing all the information I also shared here, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a full refund.

Even if I don’t, though. I hope you guys stay safe and steer clear of this business. There are a ton of other amazing book subscriptions (and I’ll be glad to recommend any if you like).

Please, if you know any book box addicts, or book lovers. Share this around as a warning, because I’d hate if this happened to anyone else.

10 thoughts on “My Bookishland Box experience

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    Now this simply sucks – excuse my language. I’ve been wanting to try some different boxes – or at least, I’m going to once my car is paid off, but this one is definitely on my black list right now. Think I’ll stick to the more popular boxes for now..

    I hope you can figure it out and get a refund cause this is just bad..
    Shared it on Twitter in hopes of it reaching a bit more people.


  2. June Reads Books says:

    I feel like from the first picture you posted, I’m assuming from their website, the hand lettering is awful, so my first instinct would be not to invest in it because the quality wouldn’t be worth it. But honestly, I’m SHOCKED by how poorly curated this box is. And equally shocked by the very poor customer service. I’m sorry you had to figure all this out the hard way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MajaDiana says:

      To be honest, I kinda thought it had some charm, you know? I’m a big fan of doodles and it seemed to be a box filled with thematic doodles to me. Alas, it was not… And yeah, the customer service really brought my bitterness forth.

      Liked by 1 person

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