Review: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Love Story by Jennifer Echols

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Story” is—in it’s essence—a story about a girl who wanted to follow her own dreams, instead of taking over the family ranch like her Grandmother wants.

Love Story” is also the story of Erin, who nurses a crush on her childhood friend—at least the version of him in her own stories.

My thoughts:

This is my first Jennifer Echols book. I have others on my shelves, but this one spoke to me first. (Not literally… it’s paper)

Erin has lost her inheritance because she wanted to pursue her own dreams. Packing up her stuff, she ran off to New York to do the college thing. One day, in creative writing, the main character of her own romance fiction steps in the door—but he is far from the romantic hero.

In reality, Hunter is the guy who will inherit instead of Erin.

There were stuff that annoyed me, which is why I only gave it four stars. This has nothing to do with the writing—I enjoyed that. But more about the characters rubbing me the wrong way.

It is a light read, though. And very enjoyable all in all.

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