Book Review: And I Darken by Kiersten White

And I Darken by Kiersten White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rating: 5/5

What if Vlad the Impaler had been born as a female?

Lada is wild, fierce and the born warrior. Unfortunately, she’s also a girl. Something that makes her future seem far from the battlefield she envisions herself on.

Okay, so… And I Darken was the first book were I’ve seen Islam and Christianity side by side without the word “terrorist” thrown in. And honestly? That was refreshing. It was nice to watch Lada accept that both her friend Mehmed and her brother Radu embraced Islam, while still loving them despite not being a devout muslim herself.

Now, this book isn’t even about religion, but that part made such an impact on me, because this is the kind of diversity I need.

This book is about Lada, Radu and Mehmed. Three kids who grow up together, loving each other more than anything else, and protecting each other in their own ways. It’s about the different relationships you come across in your life. Romance, family and friendship.

And it Slays. Or well… Lada slays (view spoiler)

I would recommend this book for fans of… well… I haven’t actually read anything like this. It’s awesome. Just read it.

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Alphabet Reading Challenge

So, I recently took this picture of my TBR pile:

And by “pile”, I obviously mean bookcases. (Fun fact, there’s one more TBR bookcases to the left with all my mismatched series)

Bottom line is; I have over 600 unread books, and I should really do something about that.

My solution?

Alphabet Reading Challenge

The idea is simple. Read a book with a title that starts with A, then B, then C, etc. I will attempt to choose books from their starting letter, but since I don’t own a book that starts with X, I will choose a book where X is somewhere in the title (like Nyxia, for example).

I’ve already read the first book:

And I Darken, by Kiersten White.

Next up is B.

How about you? Have you ever done these challenges? Would you want to?

Unboxing August Bookboxclub 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve unboxed anything, but here goes.

My August Bookboxclub arrived today and I decided to try unboxing it on YouTube. Curious? Just watch the video below.

In case you don’t have 9 minutes, you can simply scroll by it for an unboxing picture and a brief overlook of the contents.

Phew, I’m still a complete newb when it comes to videoes.

Not to worry, here it is in all its glory. The box contained :

– Things a Bright Girl can do by Sally Nichols

– Hermione candle from MerakiCandles

– Girl Boss Notebook from Nikki Strange

– Crooked Kingdom inspired Necklace from Compton Four

– Fight Like a Girl coaster by Munky Make

– Heir of Fire magnet from Bookboxclub

– bookish goodies from publisher friends.

If you like the look of this, you can go to and subscribe.

Psst. If you use MAJA17 at check out, you’ll get a cheeky discount on your first box.

September theme is Outlaws and it’s been revealed to contain two books. Eep.

Magic box from D. E. Night

If you’ve been around in the bookish community these past months you’ve probably seen all about this box already.

I did a small unboxing on my new booktube. I’m really awkward, though. Fair warning.

The book is The Crowns of Croswald, and in the off-chance you’ve never heard of it before, it’s dubbed as a mix of part Cinderella, part Harry Potter and part Percy Jackson.

I haven’t read the book yet, but from what I’ve gleaned it’s about Ivy who crosses the border between the normal and the magical worlds. And then lots of shenanigans occur.

The author decided to throw in a Glanagerie bottle as merch, and I gotta admit, this is so freakishly awesome.

^it glows. 😍😍😍

One of the things I, as a major hoarder and booknerd, misses with new releases—and debut authors in general—are the severe lack of merch. The fact that this box included some really cool stuff made it so much easier to photograph and promote. No joke, after almost a month with no motivation, this book made me want to experiment with pictures again.

The box included the Glanagerie, a hilarious newspaper page (unfortunately this got roughed up in transit, so no close ups), some gorgeous artwork, and finally a letter from the author.

For a closer look on the items, I sorta show them in my video. But just know: it’s awesome. I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the items, just… Fawning. And it has made me so much more excited to read The Crowns of Croswald.

If you think all of this looks awesome, you should definitely buy the book so we can fangirl together. The Crowns of Croswald has already been released, and you can easily find it on amazon.

And for good measure, definitely look up the author for some neat giveaways and other sneaks.

Finally, big thanks to the crew at JKS Communications, who approached me about this box. For all my author friends out there, if you want to take the book community on, definitely check them out.

Lots of love to the author going forward.

Now… Who’s up for a buddy read? 💙

Long time, no post.

Okay, so… If you’ve been following me a while, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t exactly been around.

To be honest, I’ve been kinda ambivalent about blogging and talking about books. I love it so much, but there has been a lot of controversy in the book community, and it made me sort of fearful to continue speaking my mind.

I will do my best, though.

^ I finally caved and got snapchat. Look at me being all modern and stuff.

So what’s new? I was chosen as a rep for, not just 1, but 3 amazing companies, so I have a bunch of really cool codes for you so you can save money when you’re treating yourself.

First up, we got Bookishteas, a germany based seller of… Well… Bookish Teas.

The picture above is a shot of the wonderful Magical London teabox, and if you love your tea with a side of bookmerch, these boxes are perfect for you.

You can use the code MAJASTEA for a 10% discount on any order. (They ship worldwide too)

Currently there are some neat Tower of Dawn and Warbringer tea boxes up for sale so definitely check it out.

Next up there’s Geekyclean, who makes lovely products based on books and games. Up there you see an unboxing (because I made a youtube channel 🙈) of the July monthly Geekycleancrate.

Those boxes are £15 + shipping. And you can totally use the code BOOKISH17 for a discount both when buying the boxes and for any other order on the site.

(Please note that the Geekycleancrates are only sold between the 1st and the 5th of every month)

And finally, the super talented artist LightSpeedCraft, apart from artworks, she also makes these cute plaques which is perfect for any home. Pictured above is a custom plaque with my favorite quote from my favorite book.

There’s tons of really cool art at the website and etsy so definitely take a look, and if you fall in love with something you can use BOOKISHADDICTED10 for a discount.


What have you guys been up to?

Lots of love, Maja.