Hello 2017 – Bye 2016

I am painfully aware that this post is like… one and a half month late. And I could easily find a ton of excuses, but really… who cares? I am back.

Before I start in on greeting the New Year, I want to take a moment to send 2016 properly off. Even though the year was a shitstorm trainwreck in many regards, it also brought me a lot of bookish joy. My only hope is that the coming year will hold even more.

Which reminds me, I should probably catch you up on the last month of 2016.

Book Boxes:

In December, I received four book boxes, but because it’s been so long, I’ll just run through them quickly here.

Fairyloot – Sci-fi Adventure

This gorgeous box included:
– A full size Star Wars Pop by Funko.

– Cupcake-scented Kryptonite Bath Powder from Geeky Clean

– Exclusive Galaxy Socks by Fairyloot

– A gorgeous Starbound Bookmark from Lexy Olivia

– Exclusive Lunar Chronicles Art Print of all the book boyfriends from Taratjah

– Exclusive Red Rising Pins desined by Taratjah

Flashfall by Jenny Moyer, complete with signed bookplate, letter and bookmark.

– Bonus Items: Sampler, art print, and a lovely christmas card from the founders.

All in all, an amazing box as always. I am super excited to see this subscription continue to grow an improve with more variety in both items and fandoms represented.

Book Box Club – Magic by Night

This amazing box included:
– A Magical Notebook by Fable and Black.

– A Magical Unicorn iron-on patch by Rosie Wonderes

– A Throne of Glass Wish Bracelet by The Woodland Folk

– A Unicorn Pencil by Lucy Made Me

Washi tape by Unwrap Colour

– An ARC of The Memory Book from Quercus

– An amazing Modern Fable Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
My Bookish Crate – Fear the Reaper

This awesome box included:
– A Nevernight inspired Mia Candle from merakicandles

– An Aelin Ashryver inspired Fireheart Necklace designed by MBC

– An amazing Kaz and Inej Notebook from Loweana

Red Rising Art Print from MBC

– An A Darker Shade of Magic Tote bag designed by Nikki at alice.in.wonderbookland

– A Scythe Bookmark from MBC

Scythe by Neal Shusterman

I absolutely adored this box, and I was super bummed that not only did I miss both January and February box from them, but also sad that the March box will be their last. I’ll miss you guys!

Nerdy Bookworm Box – Strange New Worlds

This box, which also happened to be the last of Nerdy Bookworm, included:
– A Burrowy x-mas lipbalm from literarylipbalm

– A Court of Nightmares Soap from Bookworm Candles and Crafts

Peter and Wendy Earrings from House of Wonderland

– A very fitting Bookish and Proud Notebook from Huck and Pucker

– Two Darker Shades of Magic Art Prints designed by Team Nerdy Bookworm

Flashfall by Jenny Moyer with a signed bookplate + reader experience questcard.

And, I have to take a moment to say this: Jen, you’re amazing. and I am so glad that I were subscribed for 7 months. Your note made me all teary, and I absolutely love the extra swag. It was a super nice thing to do, and I am so going to miss your box. Already these two months have felt like something was missing.

Phew… Now that all the mushy stuff is over… Let’s take a look forward, yeah?
In 2017, I want to read 150 books. I got off to a great start in January, with a wrap-up off 25, but cosidering my rapidly growing TBR, I don’t know if it’ll help anything.

I’m not going to say much else. Although, I am working on unboxings for the two January boxes I recieved. (hint: they were made of awesome) and also working on an indepth review of some Bookworm Candles and Crafts mini tins. Woop.
I hope everyone arrived safely on this side of the New Year, and let’s all hope it won’t take two months until I post again.

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