Unboxing: My Bookish Crate November 2016

I am typing this up pretty late, but I’ll try my darnest to be somewhat coherent.

But first, the basics:

My Bookish Crate is a UK book box subscription that ships worldwide. Each box is £28 + shipping, and will feature a newly released YA book along with a selection of bookish goodies from different fandoms and/or pertaining to the book of the month.

The November theme took us down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland, with this gorgeous spoiler card art.

Okay, so… Let’s be honest here, shall we? I knew what book I’d be getting when I ordered this. There was like a 0.00001% of doubt in my mind, which also made it pretty easy to avoid any of the other bookboxes who were probably going to feature the same book. Nevertheless, I’m doing this the same way as always, so nanananananana, I applaud your patience.

The items:

The Mad Hatter’s Tea from Book&Nook is a loose leaf blend of strawberries, cream, vanilla and rosehip. It is said to be perfect for a tea party. Now, I’ve never attended a tea party, but you know… If a gorgeous Mad Hatter wanted to volunteer to teach me how it goes down, then I am so up for it.Or you know, if the Mad hatter is at least kinda cute, then that’d be totally fine with me too.

Confession: I have never brewed a cup of tea that wasn’t in a pre-packed tea bag. I ranted a bit about it in a particularly sleep deprived moment this past weekend, and Moon_Kenstrel was such a sweetie to show me how to brew a cup in her own instagram story. I have yet to try this, but apparently, not much is needed at all. And I did get those pretty useful disposable tea bags from the Fairyloot box earlier this month. I will surely update you when I finally get to actually try any of the blends I’ve received.

And because My Bookish Crate wanted to make sure the tea party went down without a hitch…

This Queen of Hearts mug designed by T J Lubrano is inspired by the book of the month. It includes a gorgeous illustration of the Queen, some sugary treats, and I do spot the Cheshire cat lurking as well.

The quote is one of my favorite things about this mug, it reads:

– I fear this heart shall be mended Nevermore.

How heartbreaking is that? I’m calling it: This mug will be the perfect heartbreak mug. Like, with the cute kitty, the pretty dress, the comfort foods, and that absolutely heart wrenching quote?

I’m almost waiting for a chance to be dumped now, simply so I can make the mental montage of me staring longingly out of the window, sipping my tea, without noticing the single tear sliding down my cheek.

JUST KIDDING, btw. Please don’t dump me ❤

This cute and mischievous Cheshire Cat coaster was designed by Liza from BookOtter.

And to further prove my theory about this mug being the Heartbreak Mug of all Heartbreak mugs, there’s only one coaster.

It’s the ultimate set up for a tea party—for one.

When I think about it that way, it kinda makes sense, in a very sad and doom-like way.

But really, why only one? I have to admit, this coaster is a pretty good quality, so I kinda understand if it’s not the cheapest item to produce. But I mean, come on! If that cute-ish Mad Hatter actually drops by to teach me the tea-ish ways, what am I going to do? There isn’t one for him!

It is a very cute coaster, though. I’m a fan. Mostly because it’s a cat. And I love cats.

Have you seen my cat? He’s gorgeous.

My very own Cheshire Cat 💙

Right, sorry ’bout that. Back to the unboxing…

From My Bookish Crate themselves, I received two Wonderland Pins and a Wonderland inspired Bookmark. Both items are gorgeous, and who can argue with that pin?

We are a little mad around these parts—at least I am.

Mad About Books! Booyah!

Okay, that was kinda bad, sorry.

And the final item, which also happened to be the first item I pulled from the box…

An Alice in Wonderland Totebag from Pan Macmillian Publishers.

Confession: Despite being a self-proclaimed Wonderland lover—with a ton of retellings on my TBR—I actually haven’t read the original Alice in Neverland. I don’t even own it. Sure, I have seen the movies, but that doesn’t really count, does it? I should really change this.

And finally…

Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

You knew, right? Of course you did. It was obvious. I am actually super excited about this book, and not just because I loved the author’s Lunar Chronicles series.

The title doesn’t bode well, though. I’m preparing for a session with that mug. Because, surely, if it’s a devastating read, this heart will not be mended.


It is a gorgeous book, though.

So, the verdict? I was super excited about this theme, and I probably ordered it seconds after I read the email with the theme.

With that said, I wasn’t sure what to think about the selection of goods when I received the box. I feel like there could have been a lot of different things done with this theme, (And it did, just look up the different book boxes with the same theme).

My favorite items are probably the tea party for one. At first, I might have been a bit off about it, because I s’pose I was still holding out hope for the cute Mad Hatter. But, after I began typing up this post, the selection does make more sense.

It wasn’t as obvious as the previous box from My Bookish Crate, though. In fact, I only realized this connection right this moment.

As for the bookmark and pins? They’re nice, and I’m definitely a fan, but they do seem like one of those “extra” items that book boxes often throw in to spoil us.

I’m not saying this to be mean, by the way. It’s just a fact. I love these things—I do.

They just don’t seem to reach the same level of awesomeness as the tea-party-of-one items.

And the tote? I’m mentally sighing here.

It is gorgeous, and it is a pretty high quality tote. Sturdy, spacey, and gives a nod to the classic.

I am just not a tote-bag kinda girl. Out of all the things I’ve said that about, (hardcovers, tea, coasters, candles) totes are probably the only thing that hasn’t grown on me.

I am fully planning to kidnap my mom’s sewing machine, just to make the tote bags into bookish pillows instead.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that with this bag. It is too sturdy. Which is great for a tote, but not for pillows.

Of course, this could change in the future when I actually have to go grocery shopping alone. But even then, I’m not sure I would ever take one of the precious bookish totes.

We’ll see. Maybe if I go to a book signing one day. There are definitely possibilities.

On another note: I’ve already ordered the December’s “Fear The Reaper” box, and the January theme was revealed this week. My funds are unfortunately low at the moment, so I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to get the January box. We’ll see about that in 2017.

You don’t have to wait, though. Pop over to www.mybookishcrate.com to order your box now.

Did you receive a wonderland box? Which book box subscription did you get? Let me know in the comments.

Also, if that gorgeous cute Mad Hatter happens to be reading this, then I’d totally give you a sip from the heartbreak mug. Call me, kay?

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