Unboxing: Nerdy Bookworm Box – October 2016

Christmas rush has arrived in Denmark, which means that regular mail sent without tracking can take up to 14 days to arrive after it has reached Danish borders. (Not even kidding, Post Nord said that if we wanted to be certain that Christmas cards arrived in time, we had to post before November 1st.)

Which is why this unboxing is super late. But, better late than never, right? 😉

Plus, from November the Nerdy Bookworm Box offers tracked shipping, so hopefully I’ll actually receive the November box before Christmas. (Totally blaming you, PostNord)

The basics first: Nerdy Bookworm Box is a monthly book box which sends out one newly released fantasy or science fiction novel, along with carefully selected bookish goods that fit within a chosen theme.

Each box is £29.99 + shipping. (Free shipping in the UK)

October’s theme was “Doppelganger”, and it some awesome items.

You guys might not know, but my birthday was October 17th. I’d been asking if the box would arrive in time so I could pretend it was my gift, but that wasn’t possible.

However, imagine my surprise when yhe first thing I see when I open the box is a small card wishing me happy belated birthday.

I was teary eyed, because it meant a lot to me that Jen remembered me out of her many subscribers.

Also, it was a genuinely nice gesture.

ROLL&READ card designed by the Nerdy Bookworm Team. The concept is a lot like my book bingo, and I gather it’s a good way to try and see of book bingo might help you tackle your TBR.

Polyjuice Potion candle from William and Joseph candles. This is my second candle from them, and it is insanely photogenic. Even Ziggi knows how to pose with it.

I’m not sure what the scent actually is, but it is pleasant . Although, Ziggi looks like it’s bottled Draco Malfoy 😂

Mystery bag is mysterious.

Side note: I enjoy these little paper bags because they are perfect to store tiny items in. Postcards, coasters, stickers. Anything that’s too important to lose.

Tardis Brooch from Goodnight Boutique.

I am a massive whovian. Like, I sleep in tardis bed sheets.

One of the things that I sorta regret with book boxes, is that I’m a part of a lot of fandoms besides just books. And while I’ve been eying fandom subscription boxes, I kinda want the books too.

So once in a while—when it fits the theme—it’s nice to recieve something from another major fandom.

Count of Monte Cristo socks from Out of Print Clothing.

When I first saw them, I actually thought of the Sunai marks in “This Savage Song”. 🙃

They’re really cozy, though. Even if I don’t know the story.

Enchanted Narnia Tea from Bluebird Tea Co.

I love tea. I really do. But… I actually don’t know how to brew this kind of tea. That will probably have to wait.

As always, a beautifully wrappes book with a small charm on. I’m still a big fan of those tiny silver charms.

Somehow, I keep forgetting shots of the actual book. But, to make up for it, her you get every unboxing picture I took.

The book of the month was “Replica” by Lauren Oliver. Since it is technically two stories in one book, I’m going to show you how gorgeous this book actually is.

The actual unboxing picture features Ziggi, who loves joining me when I take pictures.

But I did play around with different unbox styles.

Contents spilling out.

Gemma’s cover.

Lyra’s cover.

And the gorgeous middle pages. So crazy photogenic.

I enjoyed everything in this box, and I’m excited for the two last boxes of the year 😀

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