Unboxing: Book Box Club September 2016

One of the things that I continuously kick myself for is that I am so late to the bookish party.

Unboxing pictures of previous boxes that aren’t available any longer saddens me a lot.

BUT… with this box I am along from the beginning.

Introducing a new UK book box subscription:

The Book Box Club

A mix between a book box subscription and a book club, this box offers something new to the game while still remaining largely within familiar range.

The box cost £28 and they offer month-to-month and prepaid subscriptions.

September’s theme was: The Enchanted Forest, and it is glorious.

Libby and Kate—the founders—took great care in the handling of this box. As an international subscriber I was happy to see them engage with the community online prior to the launch, and when I read their handwritten postcard reminding me how much I gush over their stationary on instagram, it did feel like I mattered.

It’s hardly something they’ll be able to continue with as their subscription continues to grow, but I liked that touch a lot.

Of course, the exclusive founding member pin helped too. 😆


I already knew I’d get one of those since it was revealed on instagram prior to the shipping.

So… apart from the awesome, mushy, I’m-the-center-of-the-universe stuff;

What did the box contain?

A Necklace inspired from the Spring Court in “A Court of Thorns and Roses”.

I read this book—and the sequel—earlier this year, and I absolutely adored both books.

The necklace has a feather charm, a mask charm and a little globe with dandelion seeds inside.

It is made by Oh Panda Eyes and I absolutely love it.

This little roll is the super top secret exclusive book club invitation.

Nananananaaa… You can’t come! (Unless you got the box too. In that case: Top Five!)

This Expecto Patronum print from The Paper Trade fit really well into the theme.

An Enchanted Forest notebook handmade by UK designer Nikki Strange.

It is really gorgeous, and I particularly like that it’s called “The Daydreamer’s Notebook”, because isn’t reading just like dreaming but with open eyes?

Bookish Goodies!

Okay, so… Let me explain why this is something I really hope Kate and Libby can continue to add to their boxes:

As an international subscriber, I rely heavily on bookboxes and giveaways to get my hands on any kind of swag. So while a temporary tattoo, two pins and three book samples aren’t the biggest goodie I’ve recieved, then it makes me feel like I am a part of something exclusive.

These goodies aren’t really for sale either, so I can imagine that other subscribers who can’t afford to go to book conventions or the likes will feel pretty awesome about it too.

So please… authors, publishers and book box makers. Do collaborate to bring your goodie bags into the world. It’s a GREAT way to introduce new books.

And now… The Book!

Or, well… the wrapped book.

I’m sorry but… It looks like a tiny baby.

It was so beautifully wrapped that I totally refused to unwrap it before my phone came back. Which is why I will now continue to show off this beautiful package.

So very very pretty. 😍

And yes, I still feel super important.

Okay okay, I’ll stop now and reveal the book. In case you already noticed, the author is Peadar O’Guilin.

(Is that like an irish way to spell Peter or am I way off?)

In a survival college in Ireland, Nessa and her friends are training to survive The Call—a three minute journey into the nightmarish world of the Sidhe, where beautiful, evil fairies will try to take their lives.


And it came with an interview and a signed book plate. 😎

And that was the first box from The Book Box Club.

The verdict:

The Items: Most of my thoughts are mentioned above, but as an overall box I was pleasantly surprised.

It did feel a bit like Bambi on Ice, but considering how much work the launch must have taken, I don’t blame it.

There’s a few things that could be improved—and they probably will—like:

The invitation: it included the author’s name, which could have spoiled the book. Fortunately I didn’t know the author, and therefore kept the suspense all the way to the beautiful gift.

The interview: Same as above, which also revealed the book.

Don’t get me wrong—it didn’t ruin the box at all. But if these things aren’t wrapped along with the book, it makes that beautiful wrapping kinda obsolete.

There was also little things that I appreciated a lot.

The Spoiler Card: I always look at these when I write up my blog, and the fact that they added the suppliers’ web addresses made linking them so much easier.

It is also nice to know where to look if I really like an item.

The book plate: Over time, I’ve gotten quite a few book plates. And even though I love when they fit the book specifically, I also really liked that this plate fit the box instead. Now I can always remember where I got the book.

I reckon that this isn’t easy in the long run, but I appreciated the effort.

Maybe a stamp or an embossing would be worth considering to achieve the same effect when it’s not possible to make them fit.

The Book: This opinion is purely based on the choice of book prior to reading.

I liked that I was surprised about the book. I’m one of the people who find several books that could fit into the theme so I won’t accidentally buy it before the box arrives.

The book also seems to fit the theme. You know, with the fairy realm and so…

All in all: I was satisfied with this box. The founders are sweethearts, and i already ordered the October Box with the theme: The Freedom Squad.

The box is almost sold out so hurry up if you want to snag one 😆

Also, if Libby or Kate are reading this: YOU’RE AWESOME, and congratulations on a successful launch!

6 thoughts on “Unboxing: Book Box Club September 2016

  1. samanthajaynex says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this subscription so I may have to check it out! I so want the book like I keep hearing such good things about it!

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