Unboxing: LitCube August 2016 

Alright, lovelies… since I’m officially back in action, it is now time for my severely belated unboxing of LitCube’s August box.

With a theme like: “I’d Rather Be a Mermaid”, I obviously couldn’t resist.

The box cost $34.95 USD + shipping, and they ship worldwide.

The part that sets LitCube apart from a lot of other boxes is that every box contains something readable, something wearable, and something snackable.

Of course, the definition covers a broad aspect of items, so even though that’s a set recipe for each box, you can still be plenty surprised.

Is it just me, or has that mermaid kinda lost her head? 🤔

The Wearable:

A mermaid Lipbalm from Lippincottsoapco on etsy. Apparently it’s inspired from a Snow Cone, but since we don’t have that here, I can’t vouch for that success.

The Snackable:

Lemonade Drink Packets from Everly. Simply mix them with water, and enjoy a chilled drink while relaxing with a good book.

The Lemonade is all natural, sugar free and has zero calories in them.

I haven’t had the chance to taste it yet, but they look and smell delicious.

Other Goodies:

Lit-Cube exclusive beach towel/throw blankie.

I must be a mermaid.

I have no fear of the depths, and a great fear of shallow living.

It’s also super soft.

LitCube exclusive Mermaid travel cup.

Formed like a can, it will fit most places while effectively keeping bugs out of your drink.

An Updrift Coaster.

The Readable:

Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce.

While this is technically a sequel, it can be read as a Standalone, although LitCube also provided an ebook of the first book.

Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama

Verdict: I have a lot of love for this box. Not only did it contain two books, but they also had a ton of useful goodies, as well.

The towel and the cup is perfect for summer, but unfortunately this box got stuck in customs, so I was halfway into September before the box arrived at my door. And since I didn’t have my phone, I couldn’t unbox and use the items until now.

And, honestly? The weather now isn’t the best for outside reading.

Despite being super impressed by this box, I don’t think I’ll subscribe to this. I can see myself coming back if I see a theme that I can’t live without, but otherwise customs simply ruin the fun for me.

I highly suggest US residents and people outside EU to try this box.

6 thoughts on “Unboxing: LitCube August 2016 

  1. samanthajaynex says:

    I like the idea of the theme but I feel like some of the items could have maybe been a better? In the sense of they could have done so many creative things for this, I feel like they missed an opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MajaDiana says:

      I see where you’re coming from. But I think it looks more like a missed opportunity because the two big items (the cup and beach towel) are seasonal. I’m sure they’ll come in handy next summer, and it’s just my luck that it got stuck in customs.

      I like their setup, but from unboxings it’s kinda a hit and miss. The books all look amazing, but the items varies a lot. If shipping and customs weren’t an issue, I’d definitely take the risk of subscribing on a monthly basis.

      Liked by 1 person

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