September Wrap Up and Haul

Woohoo. I literally just recieved the best news ever. (Okay, maybe not ever but it totally made my day anyway)

You see, I won a giveaway on instagram from sourcebooks. I was super surprised but quickly gave them my address so they could send me the book.

Except… Something went wrong. And instead of “The Rebel Heir”, I recieved this beauty:


And I knew there must have been a mix up. As the good samaritan that I am, I wrote them and made them aware of this. They confirmed that a mistake had been made, and told me to enjoy this parcel while they sent me the book I had actually won.

I mean how awesome is that?!

I never get the cool swag because I can’t go to all the book conventions, so having not one, but three awesome (and useful) items that showcases an amazing book is a dream for me.

Of course, I haven’t read them. But they sound really good.

So THANK YOU SOURCEBOOKS! You’re a champ, and if I hadn’t already been in love with you guys since you published Ali Novak and Natasha Preston—then I certainly am now.

Enough about that… It’s that time of the month again.

The Wrap Up:

Thanks to my book bingo I read 18 books this month. Obviously, that bingoplate is the best thing since slices cheese.

I’ve reached my goal of 100 books read this year, so I’m going for 200. Wish me luck 🍀

The Haul:

Despite being on a self imposed book buying ban, I somehow managed to haul 43 books this month 🙈

In my defense, book box books doesn’t count into the book buying ban, and six of these are from book boxes.

And then there were the books that I recieved for free/review/gift. That was four books.

And obviously, I had to preorder Empire of Storms, so I grabbed a couple of others. That came up to 11 books. Plus, I technically ordered those on the last day of August, so I didn’t break the ban.

And the remaining 22 books? Actually I bid on them some months back. They include the entire Wheel of Time series, five Mortal Instruments books, and 3 books about Camelot.

So when it comes down to it, I didn’t break my ban, even though it was really hard.

How bookish were your September?

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