TBR Book Bingo

Since December 2015 I’ve somehow managed to buy over 500 books to my personal library. While that doesn’t bother me the least, I have to admit: my bank account isn’t overly thrilled.

Especially, since my TBR List alone fills up almost three bookcases alone.

In the bookish community on instagram, I keep seeing all these brave souls who has implemented a book buying ban.

I don’t know how they do it really, but my figurative wallet envies them.

So… What’s a good compromise for a bookish addict?

I mean… I love to read. But I am not reading enough right now to justify my book buying addiction. Something simply had to be done. Stat.

So I mulled it over and finally decided: I need to read more books. Which seems like an easy solution, except… I spend more time trying to find something to read than I do actually reading.

Which is why I’m introducing: TBR Book Bingo.

It’s a fairly simple concept: Get a bingo—buy books.

Basically, I have to read at least 8 books before I buy new ones. And since my reading speed is pretty fine, that shouldn’t be too hard.

When I told my parents about this, they suggested that I also use an eight sided dice to choose which square to get. This makes it even harder to get a bingo.

How did I make it?

In case you might be interested in doing your own version… I will gladly walk you through it.

What you need:

🔹 Paper—you choose the size. I used A3 sketching paper because it was what I had at hand.

🔹 Pens—whichever you prefer. You can go simple or be creative with it.

🔹 A smartphone—to download a free dice application in case you don’t have dices lying around.

CONFESSION TIME: I seriously suck at drawing lines. Even with a ruler they just weren’t even remotely the same size.

I did the easy way and folded the paper in half as many times as I could. It made for a sweet 8×8 chart.

I then drew the lines and voila: outline done.

Now to the challenging part…

One of the reasons I decided to do this was that the numerous book bingos and reading challenges I’ve found online all required me to read the book before I knew where it belonged.

Since my problem was with the indecision and the my helplessness when it came to chose one book—I needed to pick the books based on the challenge.

So I decided to go basic…

In the first vertical row, I’ve got color choices. If I get a 1 on my secon dice throw, this is the row I’ll be doing. They’re all based on the cover and limits my choices significantly.


In the second row, I have genres.


In the third, I’ve got types of romances.


In the fourth, I’ve got beings/characters.


In the fifth, I’m back to covers again, but thia time it’s the cover art instead of the color.


Other than those, I’ve got:

A row with formats (i.e. Paperback vs hardcovers etc).

A row with where I got the books (i.e. Amazon, bookboxes, freebies, awesomebooks, friends etc.)

And a row with themes. (i.e. Diversity, mental health, LGBTQA+ etc.)

These prompts covers most—if not all my books in some way.

I have high hopes for this thing.

I “played” earlier, and the dice gave me 4 and 2. Starting in the top left corner, I went four down, and then two out.

Which landed me on “space sci-fi”.

And that was my choice. It was much easier to chose when I didn’t have to consider over 400 choices.

Would you do this? Have you participated in book bingos or reading challenges before?

Teach me your secret ways, master.


17 thoughts on “TBR Book Bingo

  1. Ellis Ferrell says:

    This is a truly epically brilliant idea. Good luck with it!
    It looks like a fun way even just for picking the next book to read. I’m not sure I’d have the strength to stick to the buying rules though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MajaDiana says:

      I actually don’t have the confidence about that either… But… I’m going to try. I ordered a bunch of books yesterday, (the ban started from today after all xD) and I still get my bookboxes. Hopefully that’ll help.

      And I was exactly thinking it’d be a fun way to pick my next book. I don’t think I could do it if it was predetermined titles on the board. I still need some choices—just not over 400 at once xD

      Liked by 1 person

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