Unboxing: Nerdybookwormbox August 2016

I received my Nerdybookwormbox a while ago, but I have been too preoccupied to upload an unboxing. However, here it is.

The September theme was Dystopian, and despite being my least favorite box from nerdybookworm to date, it still included some of my favorite items ever.

I still love the blue box so much. Can’t explain it.. I just love it.
The items…

The second issue of The Nerdy Bookworm’s own mini magazine “Owl Hoots”.

All of the quotes below were taken from the August spoiler page, so all the love to the Nerdy Bookworm Team for providing book quotes to go with their items.

My opinion: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I love the concept of this mini magazine. My mind is reeling with the possibilities it opens.

“He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.”

– James Dashner, Mazerunner

The Glade wax melts custom-made for this box by Owlchemy.

My opinion: Despite having all the Mazerunner books on my shelf, I have yet to read any of them. Furthermore, I don’t own a wax melt thingy. In fact, before bookstagram I didn’t even know what the purpose of them were.

I mean… They’re like scented candles, right? But only the wax part… I just… I don’t get it. Perhaps it might be the fact that I’m Danish or just horribly outdated in home decor stuff, but… I don’t really know what to do with this item. At least it’s kinda pretty.

“I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.”

– Veronica Roth, Divergent

Abnegation and Amity magnetic bookmarks from New Leaf.

My opinion: It is actually less than three months ago that I discovered what magnetic bookmarks actually was. I love the concept of them, and I find it to be an awesome goodie to get.

The only downside is that I haven’t actually read Divergent. I think I saw the movie once, but I barely remember it. Obviously, I have to get right on that. Now I just need to find the books somewhere.

“I am not abnegation, I am not dauntless. I am divergent.”

-Veronica Roth, Divergent

I’d rather be divergent keychain from Fable and Black

My opinion: I really like the design here. Its simple, but nice. I’m also a sucker for keychains. I actually used to collect them.

I already mentioned the downside of having Divergent merch. But it really hasn’t stopped me before.

“Fire is catching. And if we burn, you burn with us.”

– Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Fire is Catching mug designed by the Nerdy Bookworm Team.

My opinion: This. Is. Awesome.

No, really. The cup is plastic, which ensures that it arrived safely. After seeing the state of my other boxes, I’ve been kinda worried about having any kind of mug sent to me. So when I received this, I was super happy.

It also helps that I’ve actually read Hunger Games, #TeamPeeta all the way.

Out of all the items, this is probably my favorite. Not just in this box, but in any of the boxes I’ve received.

I. Love. Mugs.

“I volunteer as a tribute!”

– Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Arrows and Anarchy Fandom Coffee Sachet from Cracked Black Inc. A Hunger Games inspired Coffee blend.

My opinion: I am not a coffeedrinker. Which is a shame, because I honestly love the fact that they sent something drinkable along with the mug.

My plan is to try and brew it for my mom some time. She’s been bugging me about the fact that I won’t share any of my bookbox goodies with her. We’ll see what she thinks of it.

“I’ll hold onto the world tight some day. I’ve got one finger on it now; that’s a beginning.”

– Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

A beautiful Fahrenheit 451 poster designed by The Nerdy Bookworm team.

My opinion: I love the art on this thing, and once again, The Nerdy Bookworm Box delivers their art on high quality poster paper.

I am not familiar with the book, though. But from my google search I gather that it’s a classic—or something like that. Since I have read almost no books from before the 90’s, I believe that’s the reason I know nothing of the book.
And finally…

The book! With a cute little arrow charm. I really love those charms.

Unplugged by Donna Freitas

From Goodreads:

Humanity is split into the App World and the Real World—an extravagant virtual world for the wealthy and a dying physical world for the poor. Years ago, Skylar Cruz’s family sent her to the App World for a chance at a better life.

Now Skye is a nobody, a virtual sixteen-year-old girl without any glamorous effects or expensive downloads to make her stand out in the App World. Yet none of that matters to Skye. All she wants is a chance to unplug and see her mother and sister again.

But when the borders between worlds suddenly close, Skye loses that chance. Desperate to reach her family, Skye risks everything to get back to the physical world. Once she arrives, however, she discovers a much larger, darker reality than the one she remembers.

It sounds awesome.

Overall opinion: I’m aware that not every box can be a hit with every person that receives it. It’s not the Nerdy Bookworm Box’s fault that I haven’t read 3 out of the 4 books that inspired the items.
Likewise, it’s not their fault that I don’t like coffee or that I’ve never used Wax melts in my life.

This was a good box—just not for me personally, I think.

Unboxing: Illumicrate August 2016

Illumicrate is a UK box that sells every three months. This is great because:

  • UK boxes means no custom fees + they arrive faster to Denmark.
  • If the budget is a bit tight, the fact that it comes every three months makes it pretty convenient.

The box costs £29.99 and includes free shipping within the UK. For international subscribers there’s an additional shipping fee. (around 10£ but check to be sure)

I’ve begun to hunt down hints for my bookboxes since I’ve ordered so many of them, and I dread duplicates.

So for this box (which btw is Illumicrate’s fourth box) I had gathered that it would include two books. Both Fantasy. And that there would be a special tea blend, plus something harry potter related.

I’m proud to announce that I guessed one of the books in the box.

So… What was in the box?

Let’s just take a small moment to appreciate the yellow.

Okay… Moving on…

The Goodies:

A Drink Me Strawberry Tea exclusively from Post Tea. I have no idea how it tastes, but it smells lovely. This will be put to good use when the late-summer cold comes around.

Two Harry Potter themed coasters made by the talented taratjah. I already got. Another piece from her from another box.

The coasters shows the trio from then and now (The Cursed Child).

A totebag from Colorful Geekiness. With the quote In Omnia Paratus (ready for anything) it’s a Gilmore girls inspired item.

Two lovely coloring quotes from Six of Crows and the Grisha Trilogy by Ashley Poston.

I’m a big fan in of adult coloring, so every time I get a new piece I kinda freak out a bit.

The Books:

A Hardcover copy of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I’ve only peaked a bit so far, but the map os gorgeous, and there’s the cutest typo on the dust cover flap in the back. (It says that Jay Kristoff is the bestselling author of “Neveright”.

It came with a lovely book plate, that’s now stuck inside the book.

A pretty little Nevernight bookmark.

And a cover art print.

There’s also a video from Jay Kristoff, but I haven’t seen it yet.

– This was the book I had hoped it would be, and it was only made better by the little swag pack. I also prefer this cover compared to the US cover, so it’s all good!

The Graces by Laure Eve was the other book. This book won’t release until September, so Daphne definitely pulled magic off here.

It came with a handwritten letter from the author.

Temporary tattoos with witchy symbols.

A signed book plate—now stuck inside the book.

What else?

Apparently, Illumicrate puts something extra in their boxes, as well. I saw some got a sampler, which wasn’t in mine. But I had tons of discount coupons and four absolutely gorgeous art prints from Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

They’ve been on my wishlist for a while, so now I have at least four good reasons to move it up my shopping list.


I even found a way to display them using the magnetic red string from my Quarterly box.

^Pardon the mess. I’m still experimenting witg systems.

Overall thoughts?

I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get the “A Torch Against The Night” sampler. But I think they’re limited since they call it “extras”

But apart from that, I do love most of this box more than I can explain.

The art prints in particular are all super gorgeous, and they make me want to get my hands on the books asap.

I’m still not a fan of totebags, but I like the Latin quote.

All the discounts are pretty rad too, but after I had to pay 30$ to get a pillow to 25$ from. Customs… I’ve been hesitant to buy more online.

Let’s see how long that lasts, though.

The books, the swag and the goodies were all top notch, and I do hope I’ll continue ordering this box if it keeps being this awesome.

Unboxing: Quarterly #LYA box w. Beth Revis

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Quarterly is a special subscription box. It is… well… quarterly.

Another thing that makes quarterly so different is that they work together with a curator—in my box it was Beth Revis, but there are tons of other boxes apart from books—that helps choose the different items of the box.

It’s a pretty sweet deal if you’re a fan of someone. If its a literary box—like mine—it will include the author’s latest release. But there are also chefs, musicians, and celebrities.

Every box costs $50 + shipping. For me, the shipping cost was $30 and it was shipped with FedEx. Although, without tracking so I had to wait over 2 weeks for it to arrive with no way of knowing where it was. (Although, since I was lucky enough for it to pass customs, I am totally okay with that)

So… The box?

The first thing I saw was this little folder thingy. Thinking it was the ever popular spoiler card, I didn’t reas it until after I unboxed everything.

It is so much more than a spoiler card, though. Its a five page letter from the curator—Beth Revis—explaining her thoughts behind chosing the contents along with her inspiration for her latest book.

In comparison to other boxes, I like that a lot. It gives an insight into the meaning behind the box, and for someone who analyse and make up systems like myself, it was gold.

I’m starting to undedstand book plates a whole lot more now. Basically, it’s a sticker with an autograph on. I can choose to stick it in the book, or on something else if I so desire.

The first item I noticed after that was a magnetic photo holder string. I’ve never seen one before, but since I’ve been m trying to find a way to showcase some of the art prints I’ve received, I thought it was pretty cool.

Beth Revis also offered an explanation to the choice, saying it was like a red string connecting everything.

The next item was a note card with sticker quotes. Beth Revis wrote that she wanted us to write the card to someone we hold dear, trusting them with our confidence and heart.

Pretty sweet, right? The quotes on the w stickers are awesome, as well.

The first book I found was Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer.

It’s about a group of teenagers who deal with their own sorrow and mental illnesses with the help of stories.

The thought behind chosing this books makes sense to me. However, since I already have another edition of this book, I’m not sure what to do. It is my first duplicate.

Maybe a giveaway? Or a booksfortrade? We’ll see.

Luckily the other books were delightfully new to my shelves.

The End or Something Like That by Ann Dee Ellis is a book that highlights the way we deal with sorrow.

After the Main Character loses her best friend, she tries to contact her friend through spiritualism. It’s not the traditional way of processing feelings, but I fully understand how someone can find solace in it.

Obviously, I’m super excited to read this.

And finally…

Beth’s latest release: A World Without You in Hardback.

It’s about a boy who thinks he can travel in time, and with the help of his adventures in the past, he confronts his own mental illness.

As something special, the book is annotated with tons of little post-it notes with Beth’s own thoughts, inspiration and explanations.

The verdict?

I think this box is perfect for fans. The different curators also promises something vastly different every time.

Even though I own two of Beth Revis’ books, I have yet to read any. But after reading several interviews I found myself intrigued by A World Without You. And in the end, that was what made me order the box.

Of course, I’m sad that I got a duplicate book. But at the same time, it’s a confirmation that there was a reason I picked that book—even though I haven’t read it yet.

My favorite item is the photoholder. I think it’s a practical thing that also fits the overall theme of the box.

Would I order this box again?

I honestly don’t know. Maybe if the box was curated by one of my favorite authors.

For someone who simply wants a new reading experience with bookish goods, this box doesn’t offer much. Not for the price and added threat of customs fee.

Note: I wrote to Quarterly suggesting that they look into adding the taxes at checkout. Generally, I’d be hesitant to recommend this box to my European friends, and Quarterly fully understood that. They said they were looking into a new shipping partner, so hopefully something will change.

I have to admit; I am partial to the bookish goods included in many other book boxes. And this book just didn’t offer that many.

Though, I loves that there was three books.


Have you tried Quarterly before? Who should the curator be for you to consider it?

Don’t be a stranger.

(also… I think that I’ve added my blog to Bloglovin, but I honestly have no clue.)

Unboxing: Book Riot’s YA bookmail box July 2016

I threatened that I would in an earlier blog post, but I actually followed through and got my hand on the YA bookmail box from Book Riot.

This box is sold by Bookriot, one of my favourite places for bookish news.

There was no theme to this box—except that it was YA.

The box costs $60, and there is no shipping fee-not even for international customers. Bookriot also promises that the contents of the box always will exceed the $60 you’ve paid.

Furthermore, this box is not a subscription box, and it is not monthly. To get your hands on one, you should sign up for the newsletter and wait patiently until it becomes available.

There’s also other boxes available.

So… What did I get?

An incredibly sturdy totebag with a quote from “The Walls Aroound Us”. The floral print is pretty and there’s even a small mini pocket inside for keys or other small things.

– I am generally not a big fan of totebags. I don’t use them. And when they’re pretty, I can’t bear to wear them down. I also don’t know the book where the quote is from.

Some bookish buttons from boygirlparty. With pins on the bag, I suppose they could match the totebag.

-they’re cute, though.

A scented reading nook candle from Off The Page.

– Honestly, my candle collection is starting to. Grow at a concerning rate. I don’t even like candles… (I’m afraid of fire).

“If I Was Your Girl” by Meredith Russo + signed book plate.

This book sounds good, and I am sorta hoping that Book Riot’s hint that the cover model is transgender means something to the book.

– Also, is it bad that it took me this long to realize that the book plates are supposed to go inside the book?

“The New Guy (And Other Senior Distractions)” by Amy Spalding + signed bookmark.

– This book also sounds good, although I’m guessing it’s a lighter read than the other book.


I am absolutely sure that the contents are worth more than the $60 I paid. It’s clear to see that the totebag is made of good material, and that it can hold quite a weight.

With that said, the books was my favorite thing about the box. I like that there were two books, and that they both seems like summer reads.

However, I am sorta meh about the bookish goods. Two of the items are something I doubt I’ll use, and I don’t recognise the quote.

To further add to it, Book Riot doesn’t factor international taxes into their calculations at check out, which means that I had to pay an additional $39 where around $24 of them could have been avoided if there had been factored taxes into the total price. (Danish VAT is at 25%)

So, for almost $100, I don’t think the contents are worth the total cost. At least not for me.

Perhaps if the VAT was charged at checkout I’d be more inclined to keep ordering this box, but as it is now… It just isn’t worth it.

But I definitely don’t regret buying the box.

Unboxing: The YA Chronicles July 2016

So, while I technically first got this box on August 1, it arrived in Denmark over a week prior. Unfortunately, customs are really slow.

Alas, now I have it, and with a theme that’s “Ladies who Slay” how can I not be thrilled?

Unfortunately, customs roughed up the parcel, + placed a big ugly sticker on top of the logo. Not to mention they drew on it with red marker.


I know it’s “just” a box, but I love to have them around my home, so that whenever I’m down I can look at them and remember the joy of opening it. Maybe that’s just me, though.

Which is why I got stubborn and decided to “fix” the box with a sharpie. And the result?


Right! Moving on to the items.

That’s how the logo actually looks. I was pretty close, right?

Two bookmarks. I actually really love that the r YA Chronicles have their own bookmarks, and I really wished other boxes made their own too. Its such a good promotion opportunity, and who doesn’t love bookmarks?

Apparently this is a temporary tattoo inspired by Tris from Divergent. I’m actually one of the few who haven’t read the Divergent series. At least not yet. Maybe some day, though.

You can get your own at WelcomeToTheHub’s etsy shop.

This compact mirror with Sailor Moon print is a collaboration between JuicyGinger on etsy and Button Empire.

I grew up watching Sailor Moon in morning TV, so I got a very pleasing flashback to those days when I saw this.

This gorgeous keychain from BelleRegalia was a big hit with me. Like so many else, I have fallen head over heels for Sarah J. Maas’ world. And every kind of merchandise that can show off how much in love I am with Rhys are welcome in my home anytime.

Apparently this is a necklace of Hermione’s wand. I have to be honest, though. I thought it was supposed to be a sheath for a sword 🙈

Nevertheless, I really love it—no matter what it’s supposed to be. 💙

And finally we have the book.

“And I Darken” by Kiersten White has been on my wishlist ever since its release. So even though I got spoiled with the book, I honestly didn’t mind. Just one more thing to look forward to. 😆

In case you’re curious, here’s the blurb from goodreads:

No one expects a princess to be brutal. And Lada Dragwlya likes it that way. Ever since she and her gentle younger brother, Radu, were wrenched from their homeland of Wallachia and abandoned by their father to be raised in the Ottoman courts, Lada has known that being ruthless is the key to survival. She and Radu are doomed to act as pawns in a vicious game, an unseen sword hovering over their every move. For the lineage that makes them special also makes them targets.

Lada despises the Ottomans and bides her time, planning her vengeance for the day when she can return to Wallachia and claim her birthright. Radu longs only for a place where he feels safe. And when they meet Mehmed, the defiant and lonely son of the sultan, Radu feels that he’s made a true friend—and Lada wonders if she’s finally found someone worthy of her passion.

But Mehmed is heir to the very empire that Lada has sworn to fight against—and that Radu now considers home. Together, Lada, Radu, and Mehmed form a toxic triangle that strains the bonds of love and loyalty to the breaking point.

It sounds so awesome!

So that was the “Ladies who Slay” box from The YA Chronicles, and I absolutely loved it. Even Ziggi approves 💙

Have you ever tried this box? What did you think?