Unboxing: The Best Damn Book Box – Alice Special Edition

As you might know, I got a bit craycray with the book boxes this month. Something I am still paying for. (Darn Customs)

However, one of the boxes I got before everything went crazy was my Special Edition Alice box from The Best Damn Book Box.

Normally, I’d start with a picture of the box. However, something must have happened to the box itself as I got my items in an UPS bag.

(Kinda Funny, because in Danish “Ups” actually means “Oops”. And oops indeed)

I can’t say I’m pleased with this particular part of the experience. It’s not the owner’s fault, but rather UPS who probably roughed up my parcel. Lucky for me, the contents weren’t broken, just a tad… bent.

Note: This happenstance seems to just be my luck. The Best Damn Book Box has their own gorgeous box, and from what I can see, I’m probably the only one who got a bookbag instead of a box.

Now… What did I get then?

As most things were mushed together inside the bag, there wasn’t really any order of things.

But I got a Wonderland coloring book. Now… you may not know this about me, but I actually enjoy coloring books. A lot. So I’m pleased with this item.

Pardon the state of this. It didn’t like the bag. It’s a sticker book, signifying the theme as this box were made especially to celebrate the premiere of “Through The Looking Glass”.

Now, personally I don’t care much for this. But I can see how it fits. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll find a use for it. I am a hoarder after all.

Some gothic-style coloring pages. They’re gorgeous, but I’m fairly sure it’s a print out. Not that I mind–just wish I knew the artist’s name.

These weren’t mentioned on the spoilercard so I believe they’re an extra that the team put in.

A beautiful watercolor bookmark from Marquis Du Soleil.

I actually adore bookmarks so I’m pretty happy with this.

A gorgeous art piece in wood from pigseyart.

They have a lot of stunning items, and while I’m not sure what to use this for… I still hope for more.

And a Keychain from Best Damn Craft Shop.

I love this. There’s just something beautiful about old fashioned keys. They’re so decorative.

And finally…

“Queen of Hearts” by Colleen Oakes.

It’s a new spin on Alice in Wonderland, but with the Red Queen as main character. I’m a sucker for retellings, so I’m excited to read this one.

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

As Princess of Wonderland Palace and the future Queen of Hearts, Dinah’s days are an endless monotony of tea, tarts, and a stream of vicious humiliations at the hands of her father, the King of Hearts.

The only highlight of her days is visiting Wardley, her childhood best friend, the future Knave of Hearts — and the love of her life.

When an enchanting stranger arrives at the Palace, Dinah watches as everything she’s ever wanted threatens to crumble. As her coronation date approaches, a series of suspicious and bloody events suggests that something sinister stirs in the whimsical halls of Wonderland.

It’s up to Dinah to unravel the mysteries that lurk both inside and under the Palace before she loses her own head to a clever and faceless foe.


All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the contents of this “box” 😆 . Sure, it did cost a lot and had a rough trip. And while I may have been disappointed about the state of the items, I am pretty much over it. My pressing skills are legendary.

I have a “Neverland” box on the way, as well from this seller. And I’m crossing my fingers, for that to come with the gorgeous “Bestdamnbookbox” box.

Favorite item: The key made me really happy.

Least favorite: The Sticker album.

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