Unboxing: Go Indie Now! Special LGBTQA Charity Edition 2016

This is perhaps one of the most important purchases I’ve made in my life. Not because of the content—although, that definitely sweetened the deal—but because this particular box supports the fight against hate crime against the LGBTQA+ community.

All the funds goes towards this goal, and in light of the Orlando shooting—this is needed.

If you wish to support the cause too, you can order an LGBTQA+ box as well. Just go here to make an order.

My order included 3 books + accessories for 50$

There are also the option to buy just one or two books as well.

The books included are all indie published with LGBTQA characters.

So… What did I get?

The Accessories:

I’m a sucker for rainbows, and even more so for stickers and items in rainbow colors.

And what better way to show how proud I am to support basic human decency, than with a lovely pride wristband.

(and yaay. More rainbow stickers!)

A sweet handwritten card from Ashley saying thank you for supporting the cause.

And then…

My Writing Professor by Nicolette Dane

Blurb from Goodreads:

Having moved to Chicago for her MFA graduate degree in writing, ever-introverted and somewhat geeky Penny is focused on her studies and her own creative writing.

While she can’t help but imagine what it might be like to be involved with her pretty writing workshop professor, the up-and-coming literary star Harriet Drake, it all just seems like a wild fantasy, a far away dream, until she suddenly finds herself as the object of her older teacher’s romantic affections.
But Harriet is a complicated older woman, a budding writing luminary, soon destined for awards and accolades.

Can Penny keep up with her professor? Is Harriet actually interested in Penny or is she just looking for a fling with a young student?

And when life presents Penny with a wild choice, will she be able to seize the day and live in the exciting world of a writer… or will she let this novel age gap romance slip away?

The Ballerina by Nicolette Dane

Blurb from Goodreads:

With her own dancing career unfortunately behind her, Mish has taken the role of assistant director at a prestigious ballet company in New York City.
Her path to success in the dance world appears clear until she begins to fall for 20-year-old protege Dinah, a rising star in the dance company, a young woman who is as naive as she is beautiful.

Against Mish’s own better judgment, she’s unable to stop herself from becoming romantically involved with the young ballerina.
But when another dancer, envious of Dinah’s success and Mish’s involvement with her, hatches a plan to take over a lead role in the company’s current production, Mish sees the career she’s built begin to crumble into jealousy and threats of extortion.

Will Mish be able to navigate the politics of the theatre and salvage her future in the ballet? Or will her romantic feelings for Dinah cause her to give up everything she has worked for?

Two lesbian romances. I’ve never read any of Nicolette Dane’s works before, so I don’t know what to expect really. But I am excited.

Fragile Brilliance by Eliot Parker

Blurb from Goodreads:

Charleston police sergeant Ronan McCullough is pushed to the limit when a deadly drug ring threatens the very core of the city.

When off-duty Charleston police sergeant Ronan McCullough responds to the assault of a college student outside a downtown sports bar, he is brutally attacked and nearly killed by the assailants.

As he struggles with the physical and emotional damage and doggedly pursues the perpetrators, his personal and professional relationships are strained to the limit; and what he uncovers in his investigation takes him to heart of a deadly drug ring threatening the very core of the city.

And as an added bonus, this one was signed.

I can’t say that these are books I would have noticed if it weren’t for Go Indie Now! I don’t even think that I’d have bought them from the descriptions alone.

But that’s the great thing about this box in particular. It introduces lesser known books to people who might never have noticed them otherwise.

Plus… You know… Charity. That’s a great thing too. A really great thing.

Lovely, right?

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