Unboxing: TheNerdyBookwormBox July 2016

This is my second box from The Nerdy Bookworm team, and with a theme like “Book Boyfriends”, how could I resist?

This time I actually got to use a coupon, because I was prepared.

Priced at 29.99£ I managed to snag 10% off bumping it down to 27£ + shipping.

And if you want to try the box for yourself, you can use the code BOOKS061 at checkout when you order from here to get 10% off for yourself.

So… Book Boyfriends, eh? I’m sorry, but I could have that theme every month, and never grow tired. Mostly because I’d most likely never run out of Books to snag a Boyfriend from. (No seriously, I call dibs on them all)

So… what was in the box?

First, let’s take a moment appreciate the blue box and the quote.

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”

– J. K. Rowling

How perfect is that? Answer: A LOT!

Plus, I have to admit that I kinda enjoy it when subscription boxes has a personal box. It just… it makes it easier to showcase who made it.

I like to keep them, so it’s a big bonus if they are visually appealing.

Instead of the blue spoiler card I got in my last box, there was this lovely little mini magazine.

“Owl Hoots” is written by the Nerdy Bookworm team, and I absolutely adored it.

From my experience, this is unique to The Nerdy Bookworm, and I really hope they keep it up – maybe even expands on it later on.

This first edition of “Owl Hoots” included:

An interview with the authors of the book – as far as extras go, this was a wonderful addition. It presented the featured book in a different light than the blurb provided alone.

A spoiler sheet – Introducing all the different shops that helped make this box possible.

A Book Boyfriend Test – I snickered hard when I saw this. Apparently, my ultimate Book Boyfriend is Will Herondale, and while I’m not complaining, I sadly haven’t met him yet. 🙈

A Book Recommendation – I actually appreciated this. Obviously, I trust The Nerdy Bookworm’s taste in books since I subscribe to the box, and it’s a nice way to support authors.

A coupon code for friends (and anyone else I can tempt) for 10% off on their first box – If I refer 4 people, I’ll recieve one box for free. So, please, if you want to try this box (and I think you should) then use the code BOOKS061 at checkout.

+ Featured Bookstagram pictures.

I really hope this mini mag will be a recurring thing. The possibilities with this are vast. My mind is already spinning with dreams of book reviews, exclusive content (I mean, how cool would it be to get a short story to appear with the featured book), Do-it-yourself tutorials for bookishness, exclusive giveaways, etc.

As you can tell, “Owl Hoots” have woken my inner scribe 😉

Moving on to the awesome Book Boyfriend items!

The first thing I grabbed was this fun little bag.

And inside, I found a lovely handmade lipbalm from Literary Lip Balms. It’s supposed to feel like smooching with Gansey from the “Raven Boys”.

With a minty smell, this item is definitely one of my favorite items in the box.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Gansey yet, though. The series is on my wishlist, though. So hopefully I’ll meet Gansey soon.

Similar, yet still super different, from my Fairyloot box, I got yet another bathbomb from Geeky Clean. This one represented Rhysand from “A Court of Mist and Fury”, and who wouldn’t want to soak in a bathtub with him, eh?

I’ve already used it, and it had a lovely jasmine scent. And it did look wickedly pretty.

I mean… those colors.. 😍 it is similar to how I imagine the starry sky of the Night Court.

I did love it a lot, even though my nails unfortunately turned kinda blue from the coloring. I wrote to GeekyClean and suggested that they might need to reduce the coloring a bit if possible.

Note: This didn’t seem to be an issue with the Bathbomb from my Fairyloot box, which was also produced by Geekyclean.

Also, I suggested to the owner of thenerdybookworm to consider putting these bathbombs in a plastic bag when shipping. My box had been roughed up a bit. And small pieces of the bomb had been shaken loose. Lucky for me, the Nerdy Bookworm Team had wrapped the bomb in some blue paper so it hadn’t turned my box purple.

Anyone who has read City of Bones know of the shadowhunter Jace. The design was made by taratjah, and I feel it represents him and his badassness pretty well.

Unfortunately, the roughhousing of my box.made it slightly bent, but nothing I couldn’t salvage.

I knew my years of pressing flowers would come in handy one day.

I was (and still am) viciously on team Peeta. So this compact from Literary Emporium was the perfect thing to offer me.

The design is lovely and simple. And it is one of the few quotes I actually know by heart. It made a big impression on me.

I really like that it’s a useful thing, as well. I often resemble a panda when I come home from social gatherings. Maybe now I can go for the look of a human again.

Sarah J. Maas has probably created a harem of my favorite book boyfriends so far. And Rowan

Rowan is such a tease! I’m serious, Queen of Shadows, anyone? The words he says. Uff.

So it comes as no surprise that I am happy for this scented candle from William and Joseph.

And I don’t even like candles. I just like Rowan. (Among others 😆)

Note: The shabby look of the sticker is once again due to the rough travel of the box. It is not the fault of the creator or the Nerdy Bookworm team. International shipping just… well… it ain’t what it used to be.

And finally, this super awesome poster designed by the Nerdy Bookworm Team.

Honest truth: I really liked the design on the poster in the June box, but… the paper wasn’t really poster material.

This one, however, is made from the same material as those posters you buy from merch shops. I really love that.

Unfortunately, I have yet to meet Will Herondale. But from what little I know (which is pretty much this quote) I believe we’d be a good match.

And finally…

I am a sucker for the wrapping from The Nerdy Bookworm. I just love the little heart on the blue string, and I really hope that they’ll keep doing this, because then I could totally show off them all as I keep recieving them.

The Witch’s Kiss” by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

This book sound so amazing. Here is the blurb:

Merry is an average teenager. She’s also a witch. She is trying not to be, but she is.

Then Jack comes into her life and she can’t help falling under his spell. One problem – he’s part of an evil, centuries-old curse that Merry now has to break.

If Merry has lost her heart, will she lose her life too? Or can true loves kiss save the day?

Being a witch is dangerous – but being in love is even worse.

As amazing as this blurb sounds, I was actually more intrigued after reading the author interview in “Owl Hoots“.

There, the authors speak of the inspiration behind the book, and how it intrigued the to write about a Male Sleeping Beauty.

I love retellings, but I also adore fairytales in general. So you can bet that I am super excited to read this book.

Even more lovely, I got the authors signature and a small promo card so I can brag about it to everyone I meet.


Overall, this box was just as perfect as the last one. I loved the items, and the owner is such a sweetheart when it comes to replying to messages.

My favorite item (s): I know this is cheating, but I really can’t choose between the Will Herondale poster and the Gansey lip balm.

It is well worth the money, and I can’t recommend this box enough. So far, The Nerdy Bookworm Box is the only subscription box that I actually decided to keep a monthly subscription on so far.

The theme for August is “Dystopian”, and it will feature a newly released Dystopian Hardcover, along with items that fit within that theme.

So don’t dally around, hop over and use the code: BOOKS061 for 10% off your first box. Try it – you might like it. 😆😉

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