New Addiction: Book Boxes

If you follow this blog, you might have seen my obsessive fangirling over my very first Book Box from Thenerdybookwormbox.

^ Ziggi was a fan too. He kept giving me the side eye when I rearranged the contents for pictures.

However, what might (or probably not if you know me) come as a surprise, is that I got a tad crazy when I got paid this month.



So, how bad is it? It’s bad. Let me break it down for you.

The First Box:

When I got the newsletter from Fairyloot back in May, I quickly decided that I needed this box. Not only is the book a paperback (my favorite) but there’s two books. One new release, AND “an ARC of an anticipated 2017 release”. Eep.

I mean… how could I resist that offer? πŸ€—

The Second Box:

After my success with the first book box from Thenerdybookworm, I finally decided that I couldn’t live without the July box either. I mean… that theme is compelling.

So I ordered it.

The third and Fourth box:

GoIndieBookBox is a different kind of book box, because they specifically sends out indie published novels. The owner, Ashley, is a book reviewer and the July box promised to feature two of the best books she’s read in the past year.

One science fiction, and one twisted tales book.

Right after I’d decided on this box, the tragedy in Orlando struck. It was such a horrifying thing, and I wished desperately that I could do something–anything to help the LGBTQA community.

And then Ashley provided an opportunity.

A box, with two LGBTQ books, and a chance to help out. As an addition, I ordered the box with 3 more books, hoping to get some quality lgbtq lit on my shelves.

Note: If you’re interested in the lgbtq box as well, it’s still available, and it’s for a good cause. Just Google “GoIndieBookBox” to read all about it.

The Fifth Box:

Quarterly’s #LYA box contains an annotated copy of Beth Revis’ latest book, among other goodishness curated by Beth herself.

The Sixth Box:

Illumicrate doesn’t have a theme, but… from what I gathered, the box would contain one fantasy book and one dark YA. Eep. This will first arrive in August, though.

The Seventh Box:

I am a fan of mermaids. I just… I love the concept. Yet, I have almost no actual books about mermaids. So, I had to get this box. It’s another August box, but I’ll live. I hope.

The Eight and Ninth box:

I follow TheBestDamnBookBox on Instagram, and when the owner said they had some “Alice” boxes left, I went in to take a peek. I came out with the order for this one, and for the July box.

^Who doesn’t love a good Peter Pan story?

Of course, I’m sorta afraid that I’ll accidentally get two of the same books, but considering the other contents of the boxes, I don’t actually mind. It can always be used as a gift or a give away.

So… am I done now?

Actually, no. You see… I really want to order Book Riot’s July YA Bookmail.

I am currently on a waiting list, and I hope that when it becomes available, I’ll be able to snap one.

I also ordered a pillow from a shop on Society6 woth a quote from “A Court of Mist and Fury”.

So hopefully my mailman will forgive me.

There are tons of other book box subscriptions that I am itching to try out. But I will do my uttermost to keep it at these 9(maybe 10) for now.

I will, of course, upload full unboxing posts. So if you’re curious, just stay tuned. πŸ€—

Have you ever recieved a bookbox before? Which one?

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