Fun Things to do with your Books

I am relatively sure that everyone here knows that reading is a pretty common thing to do with your books.

But it’s far from the only thing to do…

Apart from reading and reviewing books, I spend an unbelievable amount of time playing with my books as well. Now, don’t worry. I’m not kicking it around, or dressing them up to be married to each other (Although, I’d be absolutely thrilled to see the forbidden love child between “One Night That Changes Everything” and “A Court of Mist and Fury”)

No… I do other stuff. Most of you know about bookstagram, but that’s really just taking pictures–I do that all the time.

But, here are some things I play with my books:

1. Tetris


Any reader who have tried to be low on shelf space has probably played around with this. It can be pretty fun to see if you can have som empty spaces around. (As opposed to actual Tetris, book shelf tetris is about not making a row. We won’t have the books to disappear, right?)

2. Poetry


This is actually inspired from bookstagram, and it can be quite a challenge. I kept wishing I had a book titled “in”, “with” or “to”. But, I made it work anyway.

3. Practise the Alphabet


Every time I sort my books alphabetically, I sing the Alphabet song to myself. I’m actually getting quite good at it.

Basically, I spend waay too much time just staring at my books, fixing them, stacking them etc.

What do you do that’s fun with your books? Do you take them outside? Do you lend them to strangers? Etc. Please let me know ❤

8 thoughts on “Fun Things to do with your Books

  1. thelibrarylizard says:

    I once stood a bunch hardbacks in a circle (paperbacks = too flimsy for this to work) and knocked them over like dominoes. In my defence, it was raining and I had the cold, so it was just a funny way of killing time. I also tried to get them to go down the stairs in line, but my cat nudged one of them too early and it kinda ruined it. You’ve made me want to try that book poetry thing now though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • MajaDiana says:

      Oooh. So you kinda tried to make a book’slinky? I don’t really buy hardbacks so my options are limited, but I really found the poetry fun because I really had to think about it. If you do make one, please show me 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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