Books. Books. Books.

When is it time to realize that I might have a serious Bookaholic problem?

Yesterday, the very first day of June, I went out to buy six books. A friend of mine had a few she wanted to sell, and I jumped at the chance… No biggie, right?

Except… I somehow managed to arrive home with 29 books instead.


^ I had planned to buy; “Under the Never Sky” triology, “Inside Out”, “Outside In” and “Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children”…

Obviously THAT didn’t go as planned…

And believe it or not… this isn’t even all I’ve bought bookwise in this month already.

In addition to the wonderful books above, I have 27 books being mailed to me by a friend right as I write this.

Along with 23 books being shipped from awesomebooks.

Along with thenerdybookwormbox for June, and the Fairyloot box for July.

And it is the second day on June… The second…

And last month I bought 126 books…

That’s completely normal, right?


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